At the beginning of life, when there was nothing but water, the mythological goddess "White Mother", believed to give her soul to everything, comes from the endless waters of the Mediterranean and represents the life cycle initiated by water. Inspired by the ’White Mother’ in Turkish mythology, Akana transforms your accommodation experience into a journey far beyond what you can feel with your five senses, with its exclusive services accompanying its designs in different concepts, in the most special locations where you can feel the ancient Aegean spirit in Bodrum.

Representing the birth of the Akana brand, Akana Paradise Bay offers a holiday experience where peace, simplicity and luxury combine with bohemian elements.

Akana is located in the seafront which has a private beach and pier, Akana Restaurant, and open-air beach fitness and spa experiences. And now, we are bringing a new breath to this magical journey with Akana Loft located near the Bodrum Crouise Port in Kumbahçe, Bodrum.

p>Meet the world of Akana, which responds to different expectations with new experiences in different locations of Bodrum!


Akana Loft, which offers comfort and luxury with all its delicacies with its wide living spaces suitable for long-term accommodation, has been meticulously designed for you to feel at home. Akana Loft, which allows you to spend your stay in Bodrum in the most decent and quiet location of the city center, offers a unique accommodation experience on the shore of all the historical, natural, cultural, and diversity of social life.

Akana Loft, designed especially for those who want to experience the dynamism of the city center in Bodrum, which has become the most frequented and indispensable holiday destination for domestic and foreign travel lovers. Akana Loft is located embraces The Bodrum Port where the huge cruise ships turn into an exciting light feast. Each room has its own kitchen in Akana Loft, which consists of a total of 14 lofts, where large terrace areas that serve like a comfort such as a living room at home. In addition to standard and superior rooms, there are family suite and king suite loft options, which are larger in square meters and suitable for more people.

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